I know that some people will be mad at me for saying this and they’ll be like “at least you’re in a relationship.” 

I noticed that I still get jealous of girls with boyfriends. 

It doesn’t seem to make sense.

Then I realized why. I get jealous that their boyfriends will actually hold their hand, or put their arm around their girlfriend or even be affectionate at all. They literally just don’t care.

I give up. I feel like I can’t even hold my own boyfriends hand in public because he just lets go after 10 seconds. Even at his house he won’t sit near me unless we’re alone in his room. 

Holding his hand isn’t even a normal thing. And even now sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t kiss him because of the way he is about it. 

I still get jealous of girls with boyfriends. Maybe he mind as well just be a friend.

you're my fav

Thanks :)